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Gone Missing

2012-08-18 15:02:49 by TwistedXP

Yeah, I know I've gone and disappeared, but don't worry after November I'll pop back up and kick up the sillyness again. I've been in con-mode, getting tons of art done and I just havent had time to do anything else. Work before play as they always say. So soon my pretties, sooon, I will be back.


2012-03-28 10:09:01 by TwistedXP

Getting some stuff done, expect a bit more artsy stuff from me....which may or may not include comics.

Merry Fucking Christmas!

2011-12-25 03:26:50 by TwistedXP

Hope every one has a merry fucking Christmas and a happy fucking new year!

A Bit 'Bout Me

2011-06-20 01:47:56 by TwistedXP

I'm recognized as "That chick with the pencil and the controller"